The value that Lauren gives and the belief that she instills as a coach, really is second to non! She was able to make me understand myself on a level deeper than I had ever imagined, leading to tremendous breakthroughs! Highly recommended!!


Joshua Merrick

Rebecca Daniel

Lauren is extremely friendly and personable and is a credit to the coaching industry. She is highly experienced in the health and wellness industry and has demonstrated that her life experiences can help to better the lives of others. I look forward to seeing the amazing things Lauren accomplishes and the lives she transforms along the way.

I had always been a strong career woman, with my own business, I would have classed myself as being courageous, independent, but living in a chaotic world with no structure to my days .Running on nervous energy, Lack of sleep and the incorrect nutrition.Feeling tired, irritable, lacking in energy, not knowing how to cope with my days.
Repeatedly buying clothes, ( not wearing them !)
House goods not needing them!
Changing cars (3 in one year)
Settees 2 in a year ! )
All temporary highs then needing to return them or selling at a loss !
Losing friends because they didn’t believe in me anymore!
2 failed marriages; I knew I had no place left to go.
From that moment forward I knew I needed professional help and support.
Ouch that’s a dent to my ego , but the greatest thing I could ever do to sort my life out.
Within the last couple of years since seeking Lauren’s help the decisions and structure to my life has completely made me realise how important it is to take action when needed, that is the hardest part for it to be recognised.
Lauren has helped me in so many ways.
Learning to like and love myself again,Taught me to laugh, realising work is fantastic but structuring my hours and taking time for things you enjoy, appreciate simple life experiences look at the beauty around us .
Enjoy friendships again, having a healthy happy lifestyle, don’t expect to much.
Changing my approach to situations, realising what matters and what you can change, not what you can’t.
Lauren I am forever I dept to you, thank you for your constant love , care and support.
If you are ever blessed to have Lauren as your lifestyle coach you will never look back, she is totally inspirational, dedicated and committed to offering you a complete lifestyle change,
With 24/7 support, let her help you, I have never been so content and happy.

Linda Sandford