I feel like a fraud. ?

I feel like a fraud. ?

Yeppppp. I feel like a fraud. Have you ever felt like that?


Recently I’ve felt wayyyyy outside my comfort zone. Transitioning from full time corporate employment into full time entrepreneur!


I’ve been restructuring my clients and restructuring my pricing. I’ll be honest with you right, the pricing structure is the thing that gets me. How can I charge ‘that amount’ of money to help people. Who am I to be able to do that. I don’t have the skills or the talent. Right? Or do I?


Oh look negative self talk!


Corporate business has taught me to basically be grateful for what I get! Which was averaging about £15 Per hour ? and boy did I feel WORTHLESS! A number. A name on a bit of paper.


So when I was designing my pricing structure I felt uncomfortable setting my prices for this reason. Because I’d been made to feel worthless.


So, can I really set the prices I do?


I wasn’t giving myself enough credit! The skills I have, the experience, the way I can help change people’s lives and the happiness I can help other people achieve far outweighs any material cost.


So the answer to the above question is YES!


What’s the cost of happiness and freedom to you?


For me it’s priceless.


Imagine waking up feeling excited, driven, successful!


Imagine having your time structured in a way YOU want and to be able to set the bar.


Imagine being able to live life on your terms and feel less chaotic?


Imagine feeling worthy. Worthy of money, worthy of love, worthy of success.






The way to start living a life like this is to set a plan and start ACTING on it. Every day. Small daily steps.


Example: If you are unhappy with the way you look then get up 30 mins earlier and do some exercise. Look at swapping that burger for a wrap. Small marginal gains to start.




Having a goal without a plan is like wanting to get to a new destination without a map ?




Here is a task for you:


Sit for 5 minutes and visualise your dream life.


  • What would it look like?
  • Who would you be standing next to?
  • What would it smell like?
  • What material possessions would you have?
  • Where would you be?
  • How would you feel?


If you believe it’s achievable then you can set a plan to make it happen! Time to start believing in yourself. Just like I did.


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