?I could be dead?

?I could be dead?

How many times have you caught yourself moaning about the smallest of things?

Not even that long ago this is how I used to live my life…


  • Wake up- I’m tired! I want longer in bed
  • Breakfast- There’s no food in the fridge and I can’t be fucked to go to the shop
  • Clothes- Nothing to wear! (Cupboard full of clothes)
  • Work- Hate work. Why am I even going! To pay the bills so I can just be broke again a few days after pay day
  • Colleagues- Bunch of idiots and don’t deserve my time! They bore me
  • Lunch- Nothing decent near by so I’ll just buy crap from the corner shop then moan about how it tastes!
  • Commute- FUCK THIS! Busses are crap, my car is expensive, and it’s too far to walk. Great. Wish I was at home watching TV!
  • Home- Small house, not even mine, don’t like the decoration, never going to have what I want! Hate living with others!
  • Bed! I LOVE MY BED! But don’t spend long enough in it
  • Friends- So needy and never take my advice! Can’t be bothered!


WHO HAS BEEN HERE? Or who may still be here!

I was quite frankly just miserable moaning my way through life. Is that really a life?

It only started to change for me when made a few adjustments.

I now live my life with absolute gratitude! Buzzing to just simply be alive! When I wake up I’m thankful I actually opened my eyes! I look out my window in absolute disbelief that I get to see and most of all that I have a roof over my head! When crappy things happen I just allow it and focus on what I can change and impact! It’s absolutely glorious! I do get challenged sometimes but it’s so much easier going through life being grateful than constantly miserable about everything.

Want to know how I did it?



  1. Wake up and instantly think of 5 things to be grateful for!
  2. Think of someones situation that is much worse than mine. Yes it might sound wrong but it really reframes and gets things in perspective.
  3. Affirmations. Empower yourself. Nobody else is going to do it! Blow your own trumpet!

There you have it. Gratitude really is the key to a happier life. It’s not bull shit. Really works!

Remember you could be dead.

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