Lauren Sandford

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Lauren Sandford

Who am I?

If you take a look on the ABOUT ME page I’ll tell you more about who I am and what it’s taken for me to get to where I am. 


Today I have a career that I love. One that has meaning to me and purpose. One that allows me more of the freedom I crave! Helping others get their shit together and living life more on their terms. Most people don’t realise their potential and the options available to them. I am now in a long-term relationship that is serving me and feels easy. Although life can be really challenging at times, I have a desire to wake up every morning and give it my all. This isn’t airy-fairy rubbish, guys. This is real. I’m living it, and I know plenty of others are doing the same. You can have that too if you are prepared to make changes.

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