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Lauren Sandford

Who am I?

If you take a look on the ABOUT ME page I’ll tell you more about who I am and what it’s taken for me to get to where I am. 


Today I have a career that I love. One that has meaning to me and purpose. One that allows me more of the freedom I crave! Helping others get their shit together and living life more on their terms. Most people don’t realise their potential and the options available to them. I am now in a long-term relationship that is serving me and feels easy. Although life can be really challenging at times, I have a desire to wake up every morning and give it my all. This isn’t airy-fairy rubbish, guys. This is real. I’m living it, and I know plenty of others are doing the same. You can have that too if you are prepared to make changes.


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I knew I was looking for change but didn’t know what and also didn’t know how I could make the changes. My mindset needed to shift, my outlook needed to be re evaluated and I needed to stop using past experiences and trauma to impact my future. Lauren has helped me see an inner strength and confidence I don’t even know I had. I have learnt skills of self reflection, self evaluation and how to use these to my advantage. I’ve learnt to recognise that my past has made me who I am and to use it in a positive way. I am now on a completely different path, have taken myself so far out of my comfort zone and my future looks bright and within my reach. I will always be grateful to Lauren and feel that I have a friend for life.

Sarah Berry

Lauren is so passionate about everything that she does that it is inevitable for positivity to rub off onto those that have the pleasure of working or learning alongside her. I admire her sheer determination to succeed.

Rebecca Daniel

Lauren is extremely friendly and personable and is a credit to the coaching industry. She is highly experienced in the health and wellness industry and has demonstrated that her life experiences can help to better the lives of others. I look forward to seeing the amazing things Lauren accomplishes and the lives she transforms along the way.

Lauren Potter

Lauren helped me when I was in a really dark place. I needed help with quite specific areas of my life and she’s completely shifted my mindset. I can’t thank her enough for the commitment she made to helping me. Thank you.

Linda Sandford

I’ve always thought of myself as a career minded strong individual. But deep down I had demons. Lauren helped me uncover those and exposed what was required for me to move forward in life positively and confidently.

Joshua Merrick

The value that Lauren gives and the belief that she instils as a coach really is second to none! She was able to make me understand me on a level deeper than I had ever imagined, leading to tremendous breakthroughs! Highly recommended!!